Smile White for Life is a program that we offer to all established patients. Once your teeth get to a point where they are clean and healthy, you can make an investment to keep them bright white for life! This program includes custom whitening trays, 3 tubes of gel, and discounted replacement trays. For every preventative dental visit kept, you will receive a new tube of whitening gel (a max of two free tubes per year)!

The goal of this program is to reward patients’ efforts to maintain great oral health. As long as you remain in good standing with your accounts, attend your regularly scheduled appointments, and maintain your good oral health, you can smile white for life!

We want to deliver beautiful smiles to our family of patients at Taylor Dental. This is why we serve as the foremost authority on all things cosmetic dentistry. If you are looking to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted, we have the perfect treatment made just for you.