CT Scans Using Cone Beam Technology

i-CAT Cone Beam Technology is changing the face of routine dental appointments. i-CAT Cone Beam Technology gives the patient a unique view of each tooth – enabling them to understand diagnoses and make informed treatment decisions.

How can i-CAT Cone Beam Technology help?

Utilizing i-CAT Cone Beam Technology is a completely comfortable process for patients and provides an honest assessment of the teeth.

Treatment planning: No matter how well a dentist might describe a condition, it is easier to understand the issue if it can be seen. Seeing tooth decay and problem teeth helps patients understand why certain treatments are recommended for maximum health benefit and aesthetics.

Assessing progress: Some treatments impact the teeth slowly. i-CAT Cone Beam Technology allows treatment to be modified along the way, if necessary, to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Eliminating uncertainty: One of the most common patient fears is that a dentist is performing unnecessary treatments. i-CAT Cone Beam Technology highlights problem areas so that patients understand the scope of their treatment.