Our patients say it all. When you trust your smile to Dr. Taylor, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality care and be treated with the utmost respect.


Denae F.
15:15 28 Sep 23
The absolutely BEST dentist office I’ve stepped foot in. When I called I was just in an emotional state and the lady on the phone was calm and soft spoken. She was just listening to me and gave me reassurance. When I stepped foot in the office everyone there was very welcoming! We chatted before being called back. When I got to the back I got a tour of the facility. They are very professional and went into great details on what they were doing! I didn’t even want to leave my visit I could have talked to them for a long time. Super sweet ladies!
Dave G.
18:28 27 Sep 23
The Taylor Dental staff were all very personable, friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. As a first time patient, they did a great job making me feel welcomed. I definitely am happy I decided to choose Taylor Dental, and look forward to being a patient of theirs in the years to come.
Lisa M.
02:47 22 Sep 23
Very friendly and helpful staff. Even though it’s been a while since my last dental visit, the team was very helpful and supportive.
Ashley T.
04:45 20 Sep 23
I love this office and that is not something I have ever in my life said about a dentist. I usually despise the dentist and avoid it like the plague. I refused to go for years which didn’t help when I finally did go but I’m confident in the treatment plan and their ability to do it well. I’ve had the Holly squared team a few times and it’s been an excellent experience. Even on the days I didn’t have the Holly squared team, it was still an enjoyable experience. Who ever thought the dentist could be something you looked forward to? I heard about Taylor dental from their welcome flyer to new residents in the area and I was skeptical, there is no way any dentist is that good and has that kind of patient satisfaction. I made an appointment with Aspen dental at first (honestly I can’t think of my reasons why I even bothered anymore) but Aspen rescheduled my appointment twice at the last minute because they booked my appointment on top of someone else’s and then just canceled the third one no reason given just a text that it was canceled so I decided to take a chance on Taylor dental instead and I am so glad I did. I should have just gone with them from the beginning I would have started my treatment that much sooner! It has been worth it since the first visit. I flat out said if it was painful I wouldn’t be back and I’ve been back more than once now. It’s absolutely not their fault the kind of dental work I need to have done but they have made getting it done very easy. If you’re even a little hesitant to go to a dentist, you don’t need to be about this office. I have had bad experiences previously (I mean you don’t avoid the dentist because it was a fun time…) and I will be forever grateful that Dr. Taylor decided to be a dentist and open this office and hired the people he did. Not once did I feel judged for my decision not to go to a dentist sooner or for the kind of work that needed to be done. I was treated with kindness and understanding. Everyone I’ve interacted with is friendly and they make it easy to forget you’re at a dental office. Everyone in this office listens to your concerns and they do what they can to help. From painless cleanings and fillings, to breaking down the treatment plans so you know exactly what you’re paying for and what you’re scheduling and what to expect from every visit. They will show you your X-rays and explain exactly what they see and what they recommend. If you have questions, they’ll answer them. There are no hidden fees or surprises when you go in. Yes, dental work can be expensive but everything that was recommended was necessary, I didn’t feel I needed a second opinion to double check their work plus I can see it all for myself on my X-rays, if not in the mirror at home before the X-rays. Payments and scheduling are flexible so it works around you and they’re not pushy with what you need done and while they offer extra services like teeth whitening or straightening they don’t ask if you want it done or even suggest you need it but it’s there if you want it. It’s a clean and well kept office if that’s something you were curious about. It might make my wait time longer if more people go here but it is hard to find a good dentist and everyone deserves a good dentist. Oh, and they have blankets and pillows to make you even more comfortable while you’re getting whatever you need done.
Philip C.
21:37 18 Sep 23
Highly recommended!
Louisa D.
12:56 15 Sep 23
Tempest is the best.
Melanie M.
19:53 14 Sep 23
Had to have a DEEP cleaning today. Holly was AMAZING. My teeth look great. My face is pretty numb, and I'm drooling A LOT...but imma have a pretty smile later.
Katherine L.
19:40 07 Sep 23
I LOVE Taylor Dental. All of the staff are so kind and friendly. I’ve been coming here since 2015 and don’t ever plan on switching.
Dixie S.
15:58 07 Sep 23
Wonderful!!!! From the front office to the hygienist, dental assistant, and dentist, this place is exceptional. So happy I found them. 👏👏
Jerry K.
17:05 06 Sep 23
Great place and terrific people. Wonderful experience.
Tameakie S.
14:24 06 Sep 23
Very welcoming...Fast and efficient!
Paige M.
20:09 05 Sep 23
Great first appointment. Everyone is nice. Explanations were understandable. Dr was kind and explained everything well.
Kix M.
19:45 05 Sep 23
They are very nice and explain things very well!!
Nekita I
19:26 05 Sep 23
Excellent service and the staff is very friendly and polite.
Andrea P.
21:16 30 Aug 23
Dr and assistant were both very helpful, patient and answered my questions completely. Front desk staff were very helpful and friendly.
Hunter V.
15:11 30 Aug 23
Best dental experience I’ve ever had!
Sandi G.
15:37 26 Aug 23
I appreciated that when I called they were able to get me in right away and help me out. They were recommended by a friend and I was totally impressed.
R W.
17:13 25 Aug 23
Most honest and patient-centered dental care of ever received
Kni'Kiraya P.
20:43 23 Aug 23
Great service and great staff🙂
Tina M.
20:26 17 Aug 23
Amazing experience for a dental visit. Very caring staff. Explained every detail to me! Found my Dentist!
Yueqin S.
20:01 16 Aug 23
Amazing staff!
Andrea G.
17:14 16 Aug 23
Fantastic office! Highly recommend. I am a retired hygienist and Taylor Dental provides amazing care and the team communicates very well with each other and with patients. I have already referred 2 people.
Mario S.
16:19 10 Aug 23
So far so good, ladies was very welcoming. They explained everything about what they where going too do and laid out a nice plan for me.
G C.
22:45 03 Aug 23
My experience along with my son's has been great! Because of a traumatic experience at another dentist's office, it had been a long time since I'd been to a dentist. Coming to Taylor Dental, and receiving the care we've received thus far has been a huge relief for me! They are top notch, and really care about their patient's dental health.
Jacinta A.
15:16 02 Aug 23
This is BY FAR my favorite dentist I’ve ever been a patient at. I have horrible teeth, always have, so I absolutely loath the dentist in general. The staff here is SO kind & personable, they don’t make me feel judged in any way when I come in with crazy stuff going on, I never sit in the waiting room for more than a couple minutes, and their communication is top notch. I was able to text them late Wednesday night when a tooth broke, and they responded first thing the next morning to get me scheduled ASAP. Highly recommend for routine dental care and/or anyone like me who has 99 problems 😂
Debra S.
14:02 20 Jul 23
Taylor Dental is an awesome practice! Everyone is so nice! My all time favorite is Maria, she’s a hygenist and so so careful and patient!
Gail R.
14:36 19 Jul 23
Very good experience, Tina is awesome at what she does, enjoyed meeting everyone, Ash was great to see again. Thanks for all ya'll do!!!
Gayle A.
01:39 18 Jul 23
We are always so impressed with our visit to Taylor dental. Great service and people.
Donna N.
21:17 10 Jul 23
Every one there very professional and helpful!Maria was fantastic made me feel so comfortable! Thank youDo send to many texts!
15:42 10 Jul 23
This was my first time here, or any dentist office in a long time. Nothing but great things to say and fantastic experience. Everybody was very nice, welcoming and helpful I felt very comfortable. The initial setup was easy and got me a plan moving forward! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a place to go.
Merideth R.
00:51 07 Jul 23
First visit was (thumbs up). Denita gave a tour of the office space, which was very welcoming! She was fabulous and made me feel right at ease! She also talked to me about the massage/heated chairs and the tv screens on the ceiling! Yes! You can watch ya favorite show while getting ya teeth cleaned or pulled! Boujie right?? I briefly met my hygienist Holly Jo who was super helpful/knowledgeable AND let’s not forget Ashley who walked me through my treatment plan/finances step by step. First visit went smooth and was quick like grease lightening but not like they were tryna rush ya out the door cause you’re just another blimp on their schedule. I had Dr. J. Leblanc for my exam and felt very comfortable during it. He had very soft and gentle hands. Kinda like an eagle.
Gwen T.
17:34 06 Jul 23
Customer service is great.Dr. LeBlanc is by far the best dentist I've ever met, he's very attentive to your needs, he has time for you and will be sure your are satisfied with your service there. The staff at the front desk & Ms. Maria are all wonderful, they are very knowledgeable and caring in their service ro you. 5☆ service indeed.
Tammy G.
15:57 23 Jun 23
Prompt service with very little waiting time in the waiting room. Hygienist was very informative and able to provide answers to questions and dental hygiene tips.
Mike and Shawna H.
16:55 21 Jun 23
Very best dental.
Abe & A.
14:18 08 Jun 23
They have a very nice and super positive staff, and they help you on what you need done. Definitely recommend them if you need some work done.
Robert W.
15:59 05 Jun 23
I highly recommend this dental office! I have never had such a great experience at the dentist. From the first time I walked into their office they were very kind, knowledgeable, comforting and willing to do my procedure in my time frame.It took me many years to bite the bullet and decide to get my bad teeth extracted in exchange for new teeth. While no one would consider that to be an experience they'd look forward to, I can honestly say that I've never had such a great experience in a dentist's office! Every person there was very kind, knowledgeable and comforting from the receptionist who took my first call to the technician and dentist who did my procedure! It was fast, efficient, friendly and I had my new teeth in less than three weeks!Taylor Dental is hands down the best dentist I have ever used!
Gwen J.
17:40 01 Jun 23
Wonderful experience. The staff are all friendly, kind and gentle.
Kerry J.
17:01 30 May 23
As always I’ve received excellent care and treatment at Taylor Dental and a relaxing atmosphere.
Gordon H.
16:01 22 May 23
Great service very professional.
Katie L.
15:00 18 May 23
Dr Garner is informative, professional and a great expert on Invisalign!!
Rai G.
01:25 12 May 23
We are extremely pleased with the services we received!!!
Darby D.
15:22 11 May 23
My dental hygienist Maria was THE best. She was so sweet and easy to talk to!
Stephanie M.
16:00 28 Apr 23
They have always provided exceptional patient service and always personable. Never have I once felt uncomfortable in their care. I know my dental needs are in good hands when I have to visit.
Krista R.
20:45 26 Apr 23
Taylor Dental is by far the best dentistry I have ever used. Very friendly staff that take their time and truly care about giving you the proper dental care. Knowledgeable, friendly, and truly clean your teeth. I am honestly thankful to be back at Taylor Dental after living in a few different states and seeing other dentist.
Dorthy M.
18:05 26 Apr 23
Always friendly, courteous, and great service. Thanks team. A perfect 10
Tamara M.
19:47 19 Apr 23
Maria is THE BEST‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
Karla R.
21:46 17 Apr 23
Taylor Dental is Awesome.**** UPDATE *****2023. Taylor Dental is the best ever. People are terrific and services are awesome!
casandria C.
21:38 13 Apr 23
I had another amazing visit today. I had impressions done for my implants today and I’m so excited. The front desk staff is always friendly I can’t remember everyone’s names but Ms. Ann and Ms Ashley have been rockstar’s . Ms. Ashley has been so wonderful with getting me scheduled. Dr. Garner and Ms. Tina take such great care of me. It’s always a fun time even while getting a shot 😂. If you’re looking for a dental home you’ve come to the right place. Taylor Dental will not disappoint. They’re going to get your smile right and bright :).
Grady B.
16:59 11 Apr 23
Holly Jo is the best person I’ve had clean my teeth in a long time and Dr. Garner Explained everything that needed to be done so that I could understand it. I have high praises for Taylor dental. My first time there and I will be going back.
Katie O.
20:31 06 Apr 23
Wonderful staff! So friendly, kind, professional and willing to bend over backward to meet the needs of their patients.
Linn L.
15:25 05 Apr 23
They were real nice and explained everything step by step.
Jeff S.
17:28 03 Apr 23
Simply the best in the area!
María H.
16:21 30 Mar 23
La clínica y los equios médicos de vanguardia, el ambiente muy profesional, el personal muy agradable y muy respetuoso. En general muy contenta con el trabajo que hacen, todo para que el paciente se sienta relajado y confiado de que le harán un buen trabajo. Gracias a todos!María Wood
Brian H.
01:10 28 Mar 23
Not good at writing great reviews about a place, but Taylor’s Dental is awesome. Staff is friendly and attentive to what questions you might have. Treated friendly and courteously. Before I made them my General Dentist I looked at reviews for dentist in my area and Taylor’s had the highest reviews.
27 W.
22:57 23 Mar 23
Great experience, got totally spoiled with heated massage chairs- it was almost like having a spa day while getting my teeth cleaned. Highly recommend.
Mike W.
21:06 23 Mar 23
Good dentist office. 10/10 !
Arthur M.
15:43 21 Mar 23
I had a great experience with Taylor Dental, Staff very friendly and knowledgeable. The office and equipment the most modern I have ever seen.
Sam M.
22:54 08 Mar 23
Everyone was so friendly and professional. They helped by talking me through the whole experience. Thank you guys.
Bobby F.
22:06 06 Mar 23
Professional and Honestly outstanding job
Beverly H.
05:49 18 Feb 23
I love getting my teeth cleaned at Taylor Dental it’s a spa day for my teeth! The cleaning is a massage for my gums. Give it a try!!
Julie S.
21:42 16 Feb 23
Staff and doctors are friendly, knowledgeable, and patient! Everyone too the time to give thorough explanations. I HIGHLY recommend this practice.
15:54 09 Feb 23
My new family dentistry! They are all very welcoming & accommodating. Tempest is my hygienist & I can’t say enough good things about her! Dr. J. Leblanc is down-to-earth, patient, honest. Thank you for taking care of my family!
22:13 08 Feb 23
The whole staff is very welcoming and nice. Dental procedures can be nerve racking at times, but the staff at Taylor is very nice and the hygienist go above and beyond to ensure your comfortable. Very pleased with Taylor dental.
Lauren M.
17:50 01 Feb 23
Wonderful staff! Smiling faces and very friendly. Went over exactly what I needed and what it was going to entail! Highly recommended Taylor Dental
Amanda S.
18:25 31 Jan 23
10/10 would recommend. The receptionist Ally was nice, friendly, and made me feel at home. They were all very informative on what the next step is. My hygienist, she was amazing, i didn't feel judged, and she answered my questions. Also they have massage chairs!
Nataka Y.
22:26 26 Jan 23
I love this office, I wished I came here first before I went to Airport Dental. Everyone in the office made you feel welcome and the service was awesome. Right to the point. I would recommend the world to this office.
Karen S.
17:52 26 Jan 23
The staff and Dr's are so nice and efficient. They are always on time and very quick and meticulous at what they do. I recommend them to everyone.
Reese R.
21:24 25 Jan 23
I can not put into words how thankful I am to have found Taylor Dental. I am not going to lie, going to a new dentist is a little scary... not this place. I was welcome by a great front desk staff (all of them are so sweet). The cherry on top was my Dental Hygienist , Tempest!! She made sure I was comfortable from start to finish. She was detailed, educational, and mindful of any and everything. One thing you can't buy is how someone makes you feel, Tempest makes me feel valued and heard. To Tempest and Taylor Dental- I can not thank you enough for a great experience!
Dee K.
14:22 24 Jan 23
I had such a positive experience with Taylor dental! I need quite a bit of work done and have dental anxiety but they put me at ease and were very thorough, so I understood everything happening. I absolutely recommend them.
Michael J
00:14 24 Jan 23
I’ve hated the dentist for years and this place made me feel comfortable and these people actually care about you!!!! great job!!
Turi D.
19:12 16 Jan 23
I really enjoyed my first time experience at Taylor Dental. My questions and concerns were addressed by both Dr. Taylor and Dental Hygienist Jessica. Looking forward to having continued treatment and care by Taylor Dental.
Christine F
20:57 11 Jan 23
Going to the dentist can be a very anxious experience, but the staff and doctors here make sure you're as comfortable as possible. You can tell that they put a lot of thought into patient experience, as I was offered a neck pillow and a blanket during my cleaning. There's also a TV on the ceiling to keep you distracted. Everyone was super nice and professional.