We encourage all of our patients to maintain a consistent dental hygiene routine that includes brushing their teeth twice a day and brushing often. However, we understand that this level of oral healthcare can be difficult for younger children. We suggest that you schedule your child’s first dental appointment before their first birthday because tooth decay can begin with their very first tooth. Having your child’s teeth professionally cleaned will eliminate harmful plaque buildup. Our dental staff will help you determine a cleaning schedule that is right for your child.

Dental sealants are a very useful tool for younger generations in the way that they help defend their teeth against harmful bacteria and acids. The sealants act as a barrier that consists of a clear coating that is painted onto your child’s molars. This barrier should last for several months and assist in preventing tooth decay and cavities. For the best results and to maintain great oral health, it’s important that your child continues their daily dental hygiene routine even with a protective sealant on their teeth.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring substance that strengthens teeth and bones. In our office, we paint fluoride onto children’s teeth after their cleanings to help strengthen their enamel and prevent tooth decay. Everything your child eats and drinks in a day contains a level of acidity that could potentially burn its way through their tooth’s enamel. Once this happens, your child’s teeth will be prone to sensitivity, decay, yellowing, and more. You can never grow more enamel, so this is why we like to provide our younger patients with fluoride treatment from the beginning. This way they can build upon a foundation of strong teeth and strengthen enamel.

Children suffer disproportionately from cavities that are caused by tooth decay from harmful bacterias and acids. The cavities are holes in the center of your child’s tooth that expose the more sensitive areas that are susceptible to infection. Infection and decay could even lead to bigger problems such as tooth loss. To prevent the decay from spreading further, we put fillings in their teeth to fill these gaps and defend against harmful substances.

Though children’s teeth are going to come out at some point anyway, they serve a vital function in growing mouths by serving as placeholders and teaching the proper functions of speaking and chewing. Losing these teeth now could cause alignment issues down the road as their permanent teeth begin to grow. We use a restorative filling to help protect the integrity of these teeth.

Dental crowns are designed to protect and strengthen a compromised tooth or replace a missing tooth. Since children’s teeth are so small, a filling has the potential to compromise the integrity of their teeth. Crowns are dental prosthetics that cover the visible part of the tooth and help strengthen them. Now, thanks to CEREC technology, patients can enjoy a fully restored smile in a single visit, without the need for temporary restorations.

While we always strive to preserve your child’s natural teeth, there are certain situations that may require a tooth extraction in order to maintain great oral health. If they suffer from extensive tooth decay, overcrowding, or an accident that harms their teeth they may need to have a tooth removed.
Our doctors are passionate about creating an environment of comfort that breaks the cycle of anxiety that kids often feel when they go to the dentist’s office. To help ease any anxiety they may feel and lessen discomfort, we offer sedation dentistry to make the procedure easier for your child. There’s no need to worry, extractions are a common procedure that can help enhance their natural smile and protect the growth of surrounding teeth.